Report Tab

The Report tab contains the main reporting screen. This is where you set filters, add columns, and see results.


Results display as soon as you add a filter. This enables you to preview your results to make sure your filters are correct. This also means you can create a one-time report without adding it to your Reports list!

Results update when you change the filters. Click Refresh to pull in new data without changing the filters.

Tip: If your reports don't automatically display or refresh, click Refresh.

Click a result row to see the item's page.


Details Tab

The Details tab contains the report's name and description. Change the report's name here. Descriptions are used when referencing the report.

For non-constituent reports, click Export Households to show household information in the results.

Save Reports

To save a report, click Save And and click an option:

  • Keep Editing: Saves the report and keeps you on the main reporting screen. 
  • Export to Excel: Saves the report and generates a spreadsheet of the results. 
  • Go to Report List: Saves the report and takes you to the Reports list.
If you have not saved the report yet, you are prompted to name the report and add a description.