The filters are designed to be read. This makes it easier to set the criteria correctly.

To add a filter:

  1. Click Add Filter, And, or Or.
  2. Choose what information you want to see.
  3. Choose from your options:
    • A down arrow means you can make a choice from a menu. 
    • Type in text boxes.
  4. If you have more choices to make, you are taken to another screen or filter section.
  5. When your filter is finished, keep clicking OK until you are back on the reporting screen.

To check your filters, read the filter descriptions along the top of the screen. Click a filter to see its details or edit it.

Drag filters to move them to a different section.

Filter on Other Types of Information

You can include filters that look for specific information about another type of data. For example, you are creating a constituent report. You want to find constituents with vacation addresses in Maine.

  1. Click Add Filter.
  2. Click Has Address icon Addresses.
  3. Click Address icon Addresses and click Address icon Specific Addresses.
  4. In the Address Filters and Include section, click Add Filter.
  5. Click State.
  6. Type or select Maine from the menu.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Next to State is Maine, click And.
  9. Click Type.
  10. Type or select Vacation from the menu.

    Figure 1: Cross-data filters after step 10.


  11. Keep clicking OK until you are back on the main report screen.

Filter on Comparisons

Set filters to compare one set of criteria to another. You can compare numbers or transactions.

Compare to Numbers

The Between criterion compares numbers. The following tables shows how to set up comparisons using the number 5:

Comparison Type numbers in the Zero and Infinity fields
At least
At most
Any number

Compare Transactions

When you are looking for constituents with specific transaction information, set up comparison transaction filters. Figure 2 shows comparing to a value, and Figure 3 shows comparing calculated values.

  1. Click Add Filter.
  2. Click Has Transaction icon in reports Transactions.
  3. Click Has Any and then The Calculated.
  4. Fill in other comparison information. If you select Transaction icon in reports Specific Transactions, set your filters.
  5. Click OK until you are back on the main report screen.

Figure 2: Compare pledge averages to $1000


Figure 3: Compare this year's giving to last year's giving

Filter for Empty Values

Fields that aren't required may not be filled out during data entry. This is especially true of custom fields. For example, you want to find transactions that do not have an appeal. To find these empty fields:

  1. Click Add Filter.
  2. Click Appeal.
  3. Click Is and then Is Empty.
  4. Click OK until you get back to the main report screen.