The Reports list has all your saved reports. To open the Reports list, click Reports icon, Go to Reports List.


Click a report to open it. The report's type is shown next to Blue arrow.

Click New to create a report.

Find Reports


Find reports in your list in several ways:


Type in the Search box to search any values in the list. Search results are highlighted in yellow. 


Select filters to narrow the report list. Active shows reports that can be referenced in other reports, letters, and emails. Inactive shows reports that are deactivated. Click Show more filters to access these additional filter options: 

  • All Types: A report type is selected when a report is created and is based on what you would like to see. You can filter your report list on Constituent, Transaction, Interaction, Note, and Task. 
  • All Users: Each user who has created or modified a report appears as a filter option. Databases with standard conversion reports will also see a conversion user. Filter to find reports where the last action taken was completed by a particular user. 

Note: Only types assigned to saved reports appear as options to filter on. To clear selected filters, click Reset Filters. 


Sort the report list by: 

  • Date: Sorts reports by the last action taken on a template, most recent to oldest. 
  • Alphabetically: Sorts reports by report name in ascending order. 

Edit Reports 

To make changes to a report, click the report name or click Blue arrow, then Edit. See Add and Edit Columns for more details.

Copy Reports

To copy a report:

  1. Click Blue arrow.
  2. Click Copy.

The report is copied. The new report has the original name, plus “Copy.”

Download Results

To download a spreadsheet of the results:

  1. Click Blue arrow.
  2. Click Export to Excel.
  3. Click Download.