A household is a collection of constituents. You can change a constituent report into a household report. Household reports list households where any member matches your filters. A household report can also show you the cumulative giving for everyone in a household.

For example, Figure 1 shows a constituent report. The filter is looking for a constituent with the name Jan Brady. Jan Brady shows in the results.

Figure 1: Constituent reports show the constituent's name.

Figure 2 uses the same filter, but the report has been switched to household. Notice that the result shows the household's name and account number.

Figure 2: Household reports show the constituent's household name.

To switch a constituent report to household:

  1. Click Constituent.
  2. Click Household.

You can change non-constituent reports to list households in the results. For example, you want to see the household name of everyone who gave $100 last year. The report is still returning individual transactions. Instead of listing the constituent’s name, it lists the constituent’s household name. To list households in the results:

  1. Click Details.
  2. Click the Export Households check box.