Qgiv is an event fundraising platform that offers online forms, peer-to-peer fundraising, text to give, and auctions. Create events in Qgiv, accept registrations and donations online, and allow participants to raise funds. Export the financial data to Bloomerang so your constituents are credited with their donations and their engagement scores are accurate. For more information about specific Qgiv features, see Qgiv's Helpdesk.  

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  2. Mapping Best Practices
  3. Qgiv Transactions in Bloomerang
  4. Refund Qgiv Transactions
  5. Report on Qgiv Transactions

Get Started

Qgiv walks you through the process of linking Qgiv and Bloomerang in this help article. It also guides you in creating forms and events and setting how the Qgiv information imports into Bloomerang.

Mapping Best Practices

Mapping is assigning how one set of values (Qgiv) relates to another set of values (Bloomerang). Set up the simplest mapping possible so the donation information imports from Qgiv the way you expect. First, set the default values. Second, for each event form or peer-to-peer fundraising form, map the fund, campaign, and appeal. We do not recommend setting more complex mapping, such as mapping restrictions.

Qgiv Transactions in Bloomerang

Donations made in Qgiv are added to the constituent's timeline when the Qgiv export is run manually or automatically.

The fund, campaign, and appeal are marked if you mapped them in Qgiv. The donation also includes a link to the transaction in Qgiv. Donations given to peer-to-peer fundraisers are soft credited to the fundraiser.

If you change a donation in Qgiv, the donation record in Bloomerang does not update.

Refund Qgiv Transactions

Since transactions from Qgiv are not processed in Bloomerang, they cannot be refunded through Bloomerang. Instead, void the transaction in Qgiv. The refund will then show up in Bloomerang.

Report on Qgiv Transactions

Qgiv transactions are marked as Created By Qgiv. Use the transaction Created By filter to run a report on Qgiv transactions.


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