To access funds, campaigns, and appeals:

  1. Click Gear icon.
  2. On the Settings pane, click Funds, Campaigns, or Appeals.

You may set up as many funds, campaigns, or appeals as you need. To avoid confusion, each fund, campaign, and appeal must have a unique name in your database.

Create Funds

To create a fund:

  1. On the Funds page, click New.

    Note: If you have QuickBooks enabled, see QuickBooks Feature Setup for setting up your funds.

  2. Type a name that is brief, but descriptive of the area where the money will be used.

    Tip: Use the fund's name from your accounting system. This makes syncing your Bloomerang data with your accounting system easier.

  3. Click Default to make this the default fund that is used when creating online giving forms. 
  4. Click Save.

Create Campaigns

To create a campaign:

  1. On the Campaigns page, click New
  2. Type a name.  
  3. Type in a monetary goal, if applicable. Only campaigns with goals are displayed on the dashboard.  
  4. Set a start and end date, if applicable. 
  5. Click Save.

Create Appeals

We recommend creating separate appeals for recurring events or solicitation methods. For example, if you have the same gala event every year, create a Gala 2016 appeal for this year and a new Gala 2017 appeal next year. These individual appeals enable you to precisely track which appeal generated a donation and can increase your accuracy when comparing the success of your fundraising activities year over year. Deactivate older appeals as needed to keep your data entry clean.

To create an appeal:

  1. On the Appeals page, click New
  2. Type a name.
  3. Click Save.

Edit Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals

To edit a fund, campaign, or appeal, click the name from the list.

To change the default fund:

  1. On the Fund page, click the fund you want to make the new default. 
  2. Click Default
  3. Click Save

Deactivate Funds, Campaigns, and Appeals

Funds, campaigns, and appeals are connected to transactions, so they can't be deleted. However, if you aren't using particular funds, campaigns, or appeals anymore, you can deactivate them:

  1. Click Blue arrow next to the name.  
  2. Click Deactivate

The fund, campaign, or appeal appears in gray, italicized font. Click the Active tag to hide the inactive items from the list.

Deactivated funds, campaigns, and appeals cannot be selected when entering a donation or creating forms.

Remove from Forms

If a fund, campaign, or appeal you want to deactivate is being used in an online form:
  1. Click the form's name in the error message. The form opens in a new browser window.
  2. Choose another option for the fund, campaign, or appeal, or remove it.
  3. Save the form.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for every form listed.
  5. Click Try Again.