To access categories, custom fields, and values:

  1. Click Gear icon
  2. Select the custom field location. 

Create Categories

Each custom field location is organized into categories. Categories group custom fields that track related information. For example, you might put all your custom fields about volunteer information and activities into a Volunteer Info category.

To create a new category:

  1. Click New Category.  
  2. Name the category and click Save.

Create Custom Fields

To add a custom field, click New Field in the category where that field should be added.

Fill in this information to set up the field:

  • Name: Fill in a brief, descriptive name that indicates what data is being captured in the field.
  • Required: Check this box to make the field required.
  • Active: Active fields appear on data entry screens. Uncheck this box to remove the field from those screens.

The data fields are critical to the success of your custom field. When you create a custom field, you choose two factors: what data is entered into the field, and how that data is entered. The combination affects how useful the custom field is later. See Custom Field Basics for more details and examples.

Warning: Your choices about data cannot be changed after the custom field is saved.

Make your data choices to finish setting up the custom field:

  1. What Kind of Data Goes in This Field:
    • Text: Any text character. 
    • Date: Dates, in mm/dd/yyyy format. 
    • Date (Year Only): Four-digit years. 
    • Number: Numbers. Decimal and two decimal places are optional. 
    • Currency: Numbers with a decimal and two decimal places. 
  2. How Do You Enter Data in This Field:
    • Type It In: Users type in any value, as long as it is within the field's data type. 
    • Pick 1 Value from a List: Users pick one predefined value from a menu. You set up the values. 
    • Pick Multiple Values from a List: Users pick multiple predefined values from a list. You set up the values.

      Tip: If you need to filter on a text field's data and you can set reasonable predefined values for the field, set up the field as a Pick 1 Value from a List or Pick Multiple Values from a List. If you can't predefine the values, create a policy for how freeform text should be entered. For example, should universities be entered as YU, Yale Univ, Yale, or Yale University?

  3. Click Save.

Create Values for Custom Fields

Set the values for Pick 1 Value from a List or Pick Multiple Values from a List custom fields:

  1. Open the custom field, if necessary. 
  2. Click New Value.
  3. Name and save the value. 
  4. Continue adding as many values as needed. 
  5. Click Save when you are done adding values for the custom field.