<fieldname> is requiredA required field is missing from the import file.Add the field into every row of the import file.
Account number is required when Household is mappedHousehold fields are mapped but household account numbers are not in the import file.Add household account numbers into every row of the import file that contains household fields.
<value> is not a valid value for the field <fieldname>A field contains an invalid value. For instance, a date field has a dollar amount. Or a field uses commas to separate multiple values.Correct the values in the field.
Replace commas with the pipe character |.
No matching Bloomerang account numberA matching individual or organization account number doesn't exist.Correct account numbers or don't include them. Tip: Household data can't be imported.
Importing values for numeric pick multiple field <fieldname> is not supportedThe import file includes values for a pick multiple field.Remove the pick multiple field. Manually add these to constituents.
Column headers cannot be more than 255 characters.
The import file has at least one really long column header.Shorten the column header to 255 characters or fewer.
Oh no! Every line in your file has an error. Please go back to the mapping and verify you have mapped it correctly.Nothing can be imported.Correct the mapping for the import file.